– Fuel savings between 6% and 20% (Hundreds of reports)
– Up to 90% less exhaust gases
– More engine power
– Particle filters last longer
– Expert opinion
– TÜV South M.E. tested
Environmental seal (Brazil)
– 90 days money back guarantee (Store)



The metal piece is a vibration carrier that leads to the excitation of a plasma formation in the fuel (in the combustion chamber).

This means that the fuel is pretreated in such a way that it is broken down into ionized gas chains, resulting in ideal conditions for optimum combustion and clean exhaust gases. Fuels such as gasoline and diesel are hydrocarbons that contain not only C-H bonds but also C-C bonds. No oxygen O can attach to the C-C bonds, so these bonds are found in the exhaust gas as soot (carbon). The "BE-Fuelsaver" splits the C-C bonds in the fuel, and the two Cs can now form additional bonds with the oxygen O. The additional bonds with oxygen increase the combustion performance of the engine in the combustion chamber due to the higher gas content. If one drives at a constant speed under identical ambient conditions or in a constant cycle, the fuel consumption decreases when using the "BE-Fuelsaver". Due to the increased amount of oxygen during combustion, the CO content can be reduced; the reduction of particulate matter in the exhaust gas can be measured in any case.


Type S
This type is suitable for cars up to 90 hp or even older vehicles that have more than 10 years on the hump.

Type M
For cars from approx.90HP, SUVs, vans and tractors over 4 liters displacement. Modern small cars can also use this type, the saving is 4-8% higher than the Type S !

Type Mplus & Lambda Optimiser
The Mplus with lambda optimizer is suitable for gasoline SUV and cars from 200 hp and can also be used in weaker motorized vehicles and saves about 5% more fuel than Type M

Type MPremium (Diesel)
suitable for diesel SUV and cars from 100 hp to 400 hp for easy line installation. Ideal for leased vehicles and assembly without workshop

Type XLplus
is suitable for truck / BUS and a tank size up to 1000 liters and for sports cars from about 200 KW.

Installation on normal passenger cars can increase the power by more than 5% and the top speed by 15-30 km/h. This represents a tuning measure.



Line assembly

The new Fuelsaver types have been further developed for line mounting.

Mounting example here on the metal line of the common rail unit.



Tank assembly (diesel)

A safe alternative is via the tank sender under the rear seat. This assembly with the best contact with the fuel at the diesel can be done by a specialized workshop.

Before opening the tank sender cap, drive the tank half empty.



Filter assembly (diesel)

A safe alternative in the diesel passenger car is in the diesel filter. It should be noted that the pin is in contact with the fuel.

The insertion must be performed by a specialized workshop.

Test procedure

This is how you reliably test your fuel savings:




1. fill up the car until the fuel bubble is visible.

2. drive on the highway approx.30 km at 100 km/h. If available, use cruise control.

3. turn around at the next exit and drive back to the gas station at 100 km/h.

4. fill up the car until the fuel is visible without bubbles. The amount refueled is the consumption.

Install the BE-Fuelsaver.

6. drive again on the highway approx.30 km with100 km/h. Use cruise control if available.

7. turn around at the next exit and drive back to the gas station at100 km/h.

8. fill up the car until the fuel is visible without bubbles. The amount refueled is the consumption with BE-Fuelsaver. After 6 tank fillings, the engine is in optimal condition (cleaned). Please again then get point1 to 4 to determine the consumption.

The test after 6 tank fillings must take place under the same conditions: Weather, temperature, load and tires with warmed up engine (before and after).

Test description

Expert opinion

Expert opinion

Dr. Hinderer

Expert opinion of an expert

TÜV certificate

Middle East

TÜV certificate
confirms the minimization of consumption

Diploma thesis

Josephinum Wieselburg

Diploma thesis about the Fuelsaver, evaluation of 50 private persons and companies



Measurement by the

Ministry of the Environment

confirms the effect of the Fuelsaver

Test bench measurements

Skoda Fabia

17 % more



6 % more


VW Passat V6

After the Installation immediately took place the measurement

Golf 3

Skeptical automotive technicians have these values on their own



Exhaust gas measurement





BMW 325 - 2012 opacity is 2.24 without Fuelsaver and with Fuelsaver 2014 exhaust measurement shows opacity of 1.07

--> Table with

Turbidity measurements

Community projects




Community projects

Various municipalities have tested and installed the Fuelsaver in their vehicle fleets. Detailed evaluations follow:
- Burgkirchen
- Neulengbach
- Bairisch Kölldorf
- Wieselburg
- Ernstbrunn
- Traismauer
- Tulin
- Nut village o.T.
- Bruck / Leita
- Petzenkirchen
- Scharnstein



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