– BE Solarpower to increase PV performance

– Accu-Power to increase battery performance






Energy oscillations are changed by the ACCU Power. This results in energy coupling and improves the discharge time and charging time for batteries and accumulators.

Accu-Power S

Measurement report: Mobile phone

Improves battery performance for mobile devices.

Customer report: Mobile phone battery capacity

Field report BE - Accu Power 'S'.

I use BE Accu Power 'S' for my phone and my iPad and without a doubt you can see the positive effect on the batteries of both devices as they last much longer and charge much faster! I have also noticed, especially with my cell phone, that my devices run cooler, which is very good indeed. One of the main reasons I bought BE - Accu Power 'S' was to neutralize the effects of my devices on my body due to the energy they emit!'

Steven Armstrong

Business Development Manager
N.I Ltd.
Unit 1,
Bluestone Business Pk,
Moyraverty West Rd,
Brownlow, (Craigavon),
BT65 5HU.
Tel : +44 (0) 2838 345403
Mob : +44 (0) 7771 591269

Accu-Power M

Wheelchair measurement customer report

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have now completed the tests of the BE-Accupower M. You can find the measured values in the attached Excel file.

The test was performed with a Bionx system installed in a handbike. The battery pack in the Bionx system was LiMn Panasonic NCR 18650 PD; 36V, 17.4 Ah; installed on 03/15/2014.






Instead of testing the same route three times, three different routes with slightly different route profiles were chosen: Bostalsee, Niederalben, BHR-Freisen (in between there was sometimes one or the other route that was measured). It is therefore quite possible to determine an average value from these three distances and compare it with and without BE-Accupower M.
The measurement sections were all driven with the exact same setting on the Bionx system.

Conclusion: Consumption was indeed reduced!

Wish much success with this product.

With kind regards

Wolfgang Fries

Measurement: Lithium Ferro Battery and John Lite Lead-Acid Battery


--> More power

To the detailed report





--> More power

To the detailed report


BE Solar Power



Two solar power pads are required per panel. These are glued to the back of the panel in the center (as close as possible to the silicon surface = energy source). It does not matter whether you use the short or the long side edges. Make sure that the adhesive surface is clean and that the pad is not bent.


Measurement: Plug & Save Solar Module PS195m S1.3 Pmax.: 195 Watt

The company Vita Sana has carried out comparative measurements of 2 modules. Two modules hang together on a power meter and were equipped without BE-Solarpower Pad the other two with BE-Solarpower Pads fixed on the silicon backside (as close as possible to the power source on top and bottom)





Input measurement without BE solar powerpads showed 80.2 watts on the left and 79.5 watts on the right on 11.03.2014 15:36





The after measurements on 11.6.2014 8:47 resulted in an average of 3 measurements of 96.3 watts on the left and 108 watts on the right.






That is about 12% more power!
The measurements were performed by:
Managing Director: Helmut Bauer
VitaSana GmbH & Co KG
Lerchenweg 13
91460 Baudenbach
Phone: 09164/99896-0
Fax: 09164/99896-22
E-mail: info@vitasana24.de
Internet: www.vitasana24.de

Measurement: Vita Sana GmbH - year-on-year comparison

The solar power pads were installed in February 2014



























Results in approx. 20% more yield performance on average

Measurement: PV plant / sawmill

15 % more power

String 1 (without solar power) compared to string 2 (with solar power).


Measurement: House facade - 28% more power

Installed are 4 modules:

- SOLARWATT Eco 120M style, 360 Wp

- Left: 2 modules with solar power / 399 watts
- Right: 2 modules without solar power / 310 watts